Krossing – Bookcase and modular wall system
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Krossing – Bookcase and modular wall system



Bookcase Krossing Kriptonite – Modular wall system

Create your own Krossing bookcase.

  • Krossing is made up of shelves that can be joined together with spacer tubes.

    Place your order in just a few steps:

    • Select the Shelves (available in lengths, 34, 67, 100, 133, 167 and 200 cm)
    • Select the spacer tubes (15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm and 33 cm heights are available. They can be purchased in pairs).
    • Select the Color
    • ONLY after selecting the elements click on "Add to Cart"
      For more details, click here

    • 26 €
    • 35 €
    • 45 €
    • 56 €
    • 67 €
    • 79 €

    Glass Holder Shelves

    • 34 €
    • 44 €
    • 54 €

    Tubetti distanziatori tra un piano e l'altro

    • 6 €
    • 6 €
    • 6 €
    • 6 €
    • 6 €

    Box Krossing

    BOX is an "optional" container that can be inserted between two shelves. Available only for 25 cm height.

    Material: Oak colored melamine. The front door is double-sided, it can be mounted with a matt white or oak finish.

    • 120 €

    You can request a particular color with a surcharge. Enter the RAL code of the desired color.

    • 60 €

    Enter any requests or communications

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Bookcase Krossing is a system produced by Kriptonite, the historic Italian brand that produces aluminum bookcases and furnishing accessories, with a unique and unmistakable design.
The Krossing wall system, made simply with aluminum shelves and tubes, is designed to hold a large number of books (but also CDs, DVDs, etc.) with minimal encumbrance.
The Krossing, once filled, tends to “disappear” to leave maximum space for books, CDs, DVDs, perfumes, spices, brushes, jars, coffee, etc …
Have a look at the attachments above (Krossing Tech Specs and Manual to better understand the Krossing structure)

Come si monta una KrossingTo purchase your library select the necessary elements: the number of shelves and the number of spacer tubes. It is not difficult, read the whole announcement well then start to select the necessary elements, indicating the necessary quantity.

Shelves are 15 cm deep and are available in the following lengths: 34, 67, 100, 133, 166, 200 cm.

Spacer tubes have four different heights: 15, 20, 25, 33 cm.

Available colors: natural aluminum, glossy white, matt white, black. You can choose a color that is not in the list, just indicate the RAL code of the color that interests you in the provided space.

Regarding the assembly it is simply a matter of joining the shelves you have chosen with the tubes. You can do everything by hand, without using other tools.

As you can see it is very simple and you can also compose particular and customized shapes.

For any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you all the clarifications; and if you have special needs we will recommend the best configuration.

Bookcase Krossing Kriptonite is normally delivered in about 12 working days

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