Arti e Mestieri – Wall Clock Full Meccano

Arti e Mestieri – Wall Clock Full Meccano


Arti e Mestieri – wall clock Full Meccano

Code: 3275

Diameter: 60 cm

Made in Italy



Arti e Mestieri: wall clock Full Meccano

The new wall clock with gears Full Meccano has come. There’s a minimal design clock face with medium size numbers on the left, with some empty space in it. Once you overtake the hands of the clock, the other half’s numbers start to vanish in a layer full of gears of different shapes and design. This is a valid option for those who don’t want to go too far, but wish for an eccentric touch in their rooms. The diameter is 60 cm, each one of them of an enigmatic italian production, the wall clock with gears Full Meccano’s greatest feature.

Code: 3275

Quartz mechanism

Size: Ø 60 cm

Material: iron

Colors: slate and white, mud and ivory, sand and bronze

Delivery in about 7 days

Weight 5 kg
Colore Orologi