K2 Kriptonite pressure bookcase between floor and ceiling
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K2 Kriptonite pressure bookcase between floor and ceiling



K2 Kriptonite modular bookcase

Pressure bookcase between floor and ceiling

Customize and purchase the K2 bookcase yourself


  • Customize Bookcase
    K2 is made up of uprights to be positioned by pressure between the floor and ceiling and shelves that are fixed to the uprights. In addition to the shelves, we can also insert drawers, containers, flap, hangers and other elements.

    Choose the Uprights
    the uprights are cut to size. Indicate the ceiling height in the "Additional customizations" section. Maximum height of 405 cm

    Choose the Shelves
    The shelves have three widths: 60, 90 and 120 cm and are available in 2 depths: 29 and 36 cm (the 120 cm exists only with a depth of 29 cm)
    Choose any other elements, such as hangers, drawers and containers, etc.
    Choose the Color
    Indicates ceiling height
    ONLY AFTER SELECTING THE ELEMENTS Add to Cart to insert the selected items

    For more details click here

    The ceiling height should be indicated in "Additional Customizations". Max ceiling height 405 cm. When the ceiling is higher than 310 cm you need to buy an extension for each upright.

    If we cannot use the uprights between the floor and the ceiling there is the possibility of using uprights that must be placed on the floor and fixed to the wall instead of to the ceiling.

    There are three possible distances from the wall and they use the same shelves or containers used by the classic K2 ceiling.

    The wooden shelf is inclusive of the pair of hooks to the upright

    Wooden containers and drawers (click here)

    The choice of one of these items must be made by adding the code in the "Additional customizations" field.

    The price must be added to the total cost.

    For other details, other elements, ceiling height, special colors and option in wood etc. fill in the field below.

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The uprights are considered:
a) side uprights ( those that are outside the structure ).
b) central uprights ( those that are in the center in case there are two or more spans ).