Krossing MIDI – Wall and/or floor modular bookcase
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Krossing MIDI – Wall and/or floor modular bookcase


Krossing Midi bookcase – Kriptonite has created a new modular wall system with possible floor support.

The shelves have a depth of 20 cm.

It can be wall mounted or, by adding a base, it can stand on the ground and be secured to the wall.

Create your own the bookcase


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  • Customize Krossing Midi

    Krossing Midi is made up of shelves joined together with spacer tubes.
    Krossing Midi can be placed on the floor by adding a base of the same length

    Place your order in a few steps:

    1. Choose the Shelves (available in lengths, 40cm, 80cm, 120cm, 160cm and 200cm)
    2. Choose the spacer tubes (available in heights of 25 cm and 33 cm. They are purchased in pairs)
    3. If you want to place the Krossing Midi on the floor you will have to choose a base in the next point
    4. Choose the Color
    5. ONLY after having selected the items click on "Add to Cart"
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    Option to countersink the holes of the top or bottom shelf

    Fori svasati krossing

    Surcharge of € 11,00 for each top or bottom shelf of any size

    Select a Base only if you want to place the Krossing Midi on the floor



    The following colors increase the cost by 10%

    Enter any requests or communications

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Krossing Midi is an evolution of the famous Krossing system produced by Kriptonite. Krossing Midi has a peculiarity: a structure can be configured to be fixed to the wall, or a base can be added so as to rest the structure on the floor, securing it to the wall.

The Krossing Midi wall system, made simply with shelves and aluminum tubes, is designed to contain a large number of books, but not only, with minimal space.


To purchase your Krossing Midi bookcase, select the necessary elements: the quantity of shelves and the quantity of spacer tubes.
The shelves are 20 cm deep and are available in lengths of 40, 80, 120, 160, 200 cm. Custom lengths can be obtained for a small surcharge. To get information about particular measures, write a message.

The spacer tubes have two heights: 25 and 33 cm.

The available colors are: natural aluminium, matt white, matt black. Other special finishes that can be obtained with a surcharge are in the price list.

Once the quantity of shelves, tubes and color has been selected, we can click on “Add to Cart” and continue with the payment to complete the order.

As for the assembly, it is simply a matter of joining the shelves we have chosen with the tubes. You can do everything by hand, without using any other tools. In any case, consult the Assembly Instructions found inside the package.

As you can see it is very simple and you can also compose particular and personalized bookcases.

Currently the preparation of each order takes about 4-5 weeks.

For any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you all the clarifications; and if you have special needs we will recommend the best configuration.

  • Orders with destination SWITZERLAND and UK, Italian VAT is deducted

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