About us

Welcome to NikelShop The site that offers a selection of trendy products. The best design at competitive prices!


Nikel is the brainchild of Adriano Vetricini who, in collaboration with Luca Rubini, gives life to the company Nikel snc which has been operating in Ferrara since 1991, the year in which the sale begins in the store in Via Carlo Mayr n. 29.

From the very beginning the search for objects and furnishing accessories of innovative taste, with a particular or refined design, made our shop a point of reference that went far beyond the city of Ferrara.

Made in Italy objects and furnishings, but also with an international design, contribute to make Nikel one of the trendy shops that meets the transversal tastes of various generations.

In recent years, Nikel has expanded the show room using the large spaces in front of the store, in Via Carlo Mayr 20.

Many products are sold on our online shop nikelshop.it, active since the early 2000s, internationally, where you can find all the experience and professionalism gained in our showroom in direct contact with our special and affectionate customers.