Trollies aluminium TV stand Kriptonite
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Trollies aluminium TV stand Kriptonite


Kriptonite: Aluminum trolley with wheels, suitable as a TV stand, equipment holder, a printer, a computer, etc.

Choose from 6 different sizes and heights

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Trollies in anodized aluminum produced by Kriptonite Italia.

Available with 2, with 3 or with 4 shelves.

The dimensions of the trollies are 43 X 45 cm, or 63 X 45 cm.

Height of the trolley: [2 shelves] 52 cm; [3 shelves] 85 cm; [4 shelves] 135 cm.

The Kriptonite trollies are of high quality and strength, suitable for use as a TV stand, work equipment holder, for  printer,  computer, to store and arrange anything, enjoying the particular design that distinguishes them.

Choose the version that interests you, click on “Size” to the right of the main image.

The trollies arrive unassembled. It is very easy to assemble and without the need for equipment, just the Allen screw (included in the package) is sufficient.

The trollies are equipped with wheels. Two wheels have the stop.

Delivery takes about 20 working days.

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