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Modular bookcase K1 Kriptonite - Kriptonite


  • BOOKCASE and Modular Wallsystem
  • Kriptonite Italia



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  • Price € 40.00 (incl. IVA 22%)


K1 is a Wall System designed by Kriptonite, the historic italian brand producing bookcases and design furnishing accessories.
You can freely design and purchase your K1 bookcase by yourself.
K1 is an aluminum modular Wall System composed by uprights to be attached to the wall and by shelves to be hooked to uprights. As well as shelves, you can also fit drawers and cabinets (conteiners). 
Up here you can see some K1 examples. 
K1 can be of one or more spans. You can see structures of different width, and hence of different number of spans, in pictures up here. Below you see a library of two spans.
To buy your K1, start by choosing modular elements:
Choose uprights
Uprights are available in six different heights, from 40 cm to 249 cm (but they also can be cutted in customized measures). 
Click on "Choose Elements" (on top right, near the main picture) and select the length of the upright that you need;
Click on the required length, specify the quantity of uprights you need for that measure and add them to the cart. 
Remember that you need of two uprights for a one-span bookcase, that you need of three uprights for a two-span bookcase, four uprights for a three-span bookcase and so on. 
Choose shelves
Shelves are of four different width: 40, 60, 75.5 e 90 cm.
Shelves are available in three different depth: 18, 29 e 36 cm.
Shelves must be hooked to uprights, on which there is a point of attachment every 6 cm.
Choose shelves of the size you need, click and select the required number of shelves for each size and add them to the cart. 
If you want you can insert, in addition to the shelves, also cabinets (Ribaltina) or drawers
For insertable cabinets (Ribaltina) or drawers, please click here to choose and add them to the cart.
Specifications and colours
For assembly instructions and specific measures and features, please see in attachments (above the description). 
Various finishing colours available. 
Natural anodized aluminum, polished white, matt white, matt black, green, orange and even (only for shelves, containers and drawers) oak (rovere)  or canaletto walnut.
The finishing colour must be specified in the cart notes of the page in wich you choose the type of payment.
Once that you have added in the cart uprights, shelves and eventually drawers and containers, your bookcase is ready. Enter the desired colour and then send the order and proceed to the payment. 
The assemblage to the wall of K1 bookcase is very easy! All it takes is knowing how to use a drill, a screwdriver and a level. All materials of hardware, grapevines, dowels, mounting template and assembly instructions are provided with the product, in order to be able to correctly setting it up.
The bookcase is usually delivered in Europe within 15 working days. 
We can offer you a customized estimate and reach agreement for the best technical and economic solution for you! Click here and CONTACT US.  or sand via Whatsapp a sketch of your design
For Switzerland and Norway special transport and Customs. Contact here for info. 

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