3-Span Bookcase K2 Kriptonite

3-Span Bookcase K2 Kriptonite


Dimensions: Total width 222 cm; Height [to ceiling size]

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K2 by Kriptonite is a bookcase, or rather a pressure system between floor and ceiling composed of uprights and shelves.

It is double-sided, therefore to be assembled to separate an environment. Or it can be mounted next to a wall. It is therefore possible to formulate multiple solutions for the living area and the sleeping area.

Available in anodized aluminum or in glossy white, matt white, matt black or green

The structure is fixed by pressure between the floor and the ceiling [no holes in the floor are required].

The K2 bookcase [see main photo] is composed as follows:

Quantity System Elements Dimension cm.
2 K2 Side Uprights (communicates ceiling height)
2 K2 Central Uprights (communicates ceiling height)
10 K2 Shelves W 60 x D 29
5 K2 Shelves W 90 x D 29

Total width of 222 cm (including uprights width);

Total height or height of your ceiling, max 405 cm (to be specified in the notes of the Cart)

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