Arti e Mestieri – Wall Clock Tunnel

Arti e Mestieri – Wall Clock Tunnel

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Arti e Mestieri: wall clock Tunnel

Code: 3283

Diameter: 50 cm

Made in Italy


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Arti e Mestieri: wall clock Tunnel

This is Tunnel, a simple design wall clock that belongs to the new Classic Collection. Arti e Mestieri made a decision: it wanted to create a particular product and managed to do that with a vertical lowered tunnel (just like its name reveals). The numbers surround the clock face, which only has the white hands of the clock. The main ones are bigger than the others. One, four, eight and eleven are represented with small lines instead, keeping the whole item more polished. The simple design wall clock’s diameter is 50 cm, and the whole object is available in three different combinations of colors. The clock face could be darker or lighter than the rest, it’s your choice!

Code: 3283

Quartz mechanism

Size: Ø 50 cm

Material: iron

Colors: aluminum and slate, beige and whitye, mud and ivory

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